FTP-group Company was founded in St. Petersburg in late 2013.

Our team consists of professionals in specialized education and successful experience in the field of video production and promotion.

FTP-group specializes in:

  • multi-camera filming of cultural and public events.
  • on-line broadcasts.
  • production of music videos, documentaries and movie shorts.
  • production of video and audio commercials.
  • production of short animated videos

FTP-group uses a wide range of advanced technical equipment for multi-camera filming.

The company has its own video and sound studios in St. Petersburg with powerful computer editing systems and digital processors, 3D graphics systems, and animation production stations.

Our team has produced many large-scale projects: concerts, music videos, promotional videos and documentaries.

FTP-group - concise and effective solutions!

St. Petersburg, Obvodny kanal, 60
+7 (981) 940-18-32